Posted on by Rosie Lyness

Second to None - The Frugality

I caught up with Alex Stedman aka The Frugality to chat about styling, the art of being frugal and how to manage your social media after having a baby...

1. For those that don't know you, tell us a little about yourself and your career so far?

I started out in PR (Matches, worked for 10 years on magazines (Eve, Red, Conde Nast Traveller) and now am a freelance stylist, blogger, influencer (although hate that term).


2. Where and when did you train as a stylist?

I didn't train, it relies on a lot of work experience, tons of assisting and a to of organization. 90% of styling (for magazines) is liaising with PR offices around the world organizing samples being shipped from shoot location to Hotels to offices around the world.


3. What is the weirdest shoot you've ever worked on?

I've done a few! None of them weird, always fun but when I look back it probably is strange that I was in Barbados with Kelly Brook or asking Juliette Lewis to change outfits in the back of a car in a desert in LA.

4. Why did you start blogging? 

I had been working on magazines for a few years on £16k living n London and couldn't afford anything that magazines and blogs were talking about. I loved clothes but would make my own lunch everyday to afford New Look and Topshop - so I started a blog about normalizing High Street and not having designer clothes everyday.


5. Is being frugal still an important part of your online presence?

Yes! Things have definitely changed as I am now 35 so don't shop in primark as often as I used to (although bed linen and baby stuff is still good!) but I still make my lunch everyday, don't go out for fancy dinners or 5 star holidays - I now save money for our house and nursery fees!


6. Is it difficult to manage how much time you spend on blogging and social media, and how much of your life you want to share? 

Definitely - now with my little girl, I try and have weeks where I turn off the app so I'm not even tempted - think it's good for the soul.

7. How/has your perspective on social media changed since having a baby? 

It hasn't really, although I don't want my baby to think I love my phone more than her - sometimes I catch myself answering an email whilst she's in a bouncer and think what are you doing?'! The problem with social media is that everything is so instant so you don't ever feel like you can miss a day - but I'm learning to know it's okay.


8. How do sneakers compliment your style and what do they represent to you? 

I wear sneakers with everything - I am always on the go and love how they dress down any outfit, I'm a big fan of sneakers and dresses.