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Second to None - Julia Rebaudo 'Stylonylon'
I caught up with Julia Rebaudo of Stylonylon to chat about her career in journalism, her move into blogging and how to take the perfect photograph ... just a few of the things that make this Second Sister Second to None.
1. For those who don’t know you, introduce yourself…
I'm Julia Rebaudo and I'm a freelance journalist (and these days mainly a blogger!) based in London. For the last five years, I've been running and have developed a serious passion for photography along the way!

2. When did you know you wanted to be a journalist and what attracted you to this job?
I always wanted to write, ever since I was a little girl! My dream was (and still is!) to be a novelist, specifically YA fantasy & sci-fi fiction hehe – there's still time I hope! Although my degrees were in Philosophy and my first job was in book publishing, I very soon moved over to journalism and went freelance in my late 20s.

3. What are your favourite subjects to tackle in your writing?
Gosh, anything and everything really! I love my blog for complete open rein, spontaneity and as somewhere to indulge my love of shopping and clothes! But I do still take huge satisfaction in receiving a specific brief from an editor with a word count and deadline! Although I do that a lot less these days, this morning I just sent off 500 words copy on a beauty story – what was nice was being asked to provide photography too, as this is now second nature to me!

4. Which writers and journalists inspire your work?
I adore London journalists Hadley Freeman and Sophie Heawood for their brilliant columns, wit and interviews. Going back, as do many, I am quite obsessed with Joan Didion – her ability with words is exceptional.

5. You’ve worked for and with a number of well known fashion magazines, have you ever had a Devil wears Prada moment?
Ha actually no, thankfully! I did make a point of never working in house at fashion magazines as they have quite a tough reputation. The worse thing as a freelancer was pitching ideas, only to have them nicked off you! That was not much fun!

6. What caused the shift towards blogging?
While on maternity leave in 2012, as a way to keep up contacts and my own content, I started the blog. It was also somewhere to indulge my growing passion for photography and my love of clothes. Quite early on, I could see that the blogging industry was somewhere vibrant and fun and potentially a way to evolve my freelancing – creating and publishing my own content and collaborating with brands who felt a good fit.

7. How important is photography to your blog and personal style?
I get a kick every day from taking photos and then editing them in a way that pleases me! That is what fuels everything I do in regards to the blog. It's lovely being able to document and share my own style – connecting with people through this is endless fun! I've always shot a lot of my own outfits with a tripod but also do pictures with a photographer friend when out and about.

8. In your opinion, what makes the perfect photograph?
For me, a great photo is one that captures the feeling! A moment, the person, a detail that sings out.

9. How do you incorporate sneakers into your everyday style?
Too easily! I've never been a great heel wearer, and more than anything, in order to feel the most relaxed version of myself, I like to be in trainers. They go with everything IMO – this summer I am very obsessed with white plimsolls!
10. What are you plans for the rest of 2018, have you any collaborations or big trips planned?
Gosh, all sorts! I'm continuing to work with brands who I have a history with while connecting with new brands that I think properly fit my aesthetic and vibe! We're off camping next week, a couple of smaller trips on the horizon and then fingers crossed for a visit to Japan come the autumn!
Julia wears Spring Court G2 Bowie Stars.
All photography is Julia's own, please do not use or reproduce without prior permission.