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Sister Sister – An Ode to Our Favourite Siblings by Jenessa Williams

There’s nothing quite like the bond between siblings. Whether you get on all the time or don’t, it’s a tie that’s difficult to find in other friends, and one that brings with it a sense of constant companionship, shared experience and of course, a whole lot of in-jokes.

When it comes to sisters, there can often be a C word that gets in the way – competitiveness. Whether it’s through schools, parents or the media, there is often an ideal that being sisters means constantly striving to outdo each other, rather than appreciating the strength that comes from being each other cheerleaders. In celebration of National Sibling day (back in April), we champion six sets of sisters killing it in their respective fields, supporting one another to be the best that they can be. 

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Stevie and Gina Martin (@5teviem and @ginamartinuk)

A touring comedian, sketch writer and journalist, Stevie Martin is a seriously funny woman who first came to our attention on the ‘Nobody Panic!’ podcast, a guide to adult life co-hosted by Tessa Coates. With a keen sense of wit and the ability to educate without ever patronising or mocking, all of her projects are rife with a self-deprecation that makes you desperate to be her best friend.

You may also know her younger sister Gina from her feminist campaigning that has seen up skirting become a criminal sexual offence, and her book on social activism ‘Be The Change: A Toolkit for the Activist in You’ that encourages young women to stand up for their beliefs.

Both Stevie and Gina are must-follows on Instagram for all sorts of reasons – from their insightful story highlights on intersectional feminism right through to updates on their pet tortoises, they both bring a touch of sunshine to your day.

Faye and Megan Ellaby
Faye and Megan Ellaby (@fellaby and @meganellaby)

Siblings don’t come much more fashionable than Megan and Faye Ellaby. Based in Manchester, the duo have amassed some serious Instagram followers individually, and have recently begun collaborating on videos and shoots, much to our sartorial joy.

You’ll know Megan from her career as a blogger as well as her colourful knitwear range, Saturday, but Faye is similarly experienced, with roles in Fashion buying at ASOS and Missguided under her stylish belt. Follow them both for their quirky take on high-street trends, with a little bit of luxury thrown in.

Abigail and Chloe Baldwin
Abigail and Chloe Baldwin (@buttercrumblecreative)

Yorkshire-born twins Abigail and Chloe are the shared brainchilds of Buttercrumble, a creative communications studio that have worked for a huge selection of clients right across the region and beyond. Self-confessed ‘ateliers of happiness’, we love their pop-up illustration events seen as the likes of John Lewis and Anthropologie, blending sweet, soft lines and colours with a message of empowerment and female solidarity.

Splitting the artwork tasks equally, Abigail and Chloe work together in a way that only twins can, but are happy to help others too – check out their website for tons of tips and tricks on running a successful small business.

Beyonce and Solange Knowles
Beyonce and Solange Knowles (@beyonce and @saintrecords)

Two sisters who need no introduction, Beyonce and Solange are #goals personified. Despite endless comparison, both sisters have settled into their lanes as multi-faceted creatives who use their music and visuals to explore and celebrate black femininity, displaying tireless hard work and commitment.

The Knowles ladies fiercely have each others backs, whether it’s popping up at each others festival appearances, offering writing advice and of course, defending the other in an elevator. This is a sisterhood we would LOVE to be part of.

Chiney and Nneka Ogwumike

Chiney and Nneka Ogwumike (@chiney321 and @nnemkadi)

Just two years apart in age, Chiney and Nneka Ogwumike are rising stars of the Women’s National Basketball Association. Having both received scholarships to play college ball at Stanford, the sisters now play for Connecticut Sun and Los Angeles Sparks respectively, having beaten an array of records apiece.

Off the court, Nneka and Chiney have signed to ADIDAS, and support their ‘Here to Create’ scheme, designed to champion unique and diverse voices in sports. Their presence in Basketball also demonstrated the power of a strong family unit of women – the pair have two young sisters who also play ball, all led by their Mother who encouraged an active lifestyle from childhood.


 Rachael and Elena Baxter of Conscious Magazine
Rachael and Elena Baxter of Conscious Magazine (@cmagazine)

Running a site and print magazine that focuses on mental wellbeing, ethical shopping and innovative ways to save the planet, the Baxter sisters are a pair on a mission. Sharing their stories in over 25 countries, they bring together a team of diverse voices to talk about sustainability in a way that is accessible, achievable and stylish – this is definitely a magazine to enjoy over a (reusable) cup of coffee.

Having discovered the power of their own strengths and weaknesses, Elena is responsible for article curation and social media management, while Rachael overlooks design and marketing. Two parts of a brand whole, their whole team benefits from their understanding of one another and the intuitive working relationship they have built.